Me and Seb

Me and Seb

Trusted Small Business founded in 2018 to create No Fuss Greeting Cards, and provide Gift options for those who are difficult to buy for

Simplicity is our passion, catering for ALL is our goal

We were established to provide 'no fuss' Greeting Cards for all, including LGBT+ Community, Single Parents, Gender-Neutral, Fur Babies, plus many more amazing beings!

Hi, I’m Gary, founder of Purple Pug. I created Purple Pug in 2018 after taking an interest in Marketing and Design.

For 24 years I worked my way up the career ladder within the House Building industry. My latter years involved Marketing, Web Design, Advertising and Sales. This re-sparked the artist within me!

As a child I was always creative. A boring cardboard box would become a church, or a house, or even the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Lair! I took an interest in Graphic Design and always loved Art at School.

When I left School at 16, I started my career at Persimmon Homes with aspirations of being an architect, however I fell into Quantity Surveying! My housebuilding career did allow me to become a frustrated architect with me sketching improvements to development layouts and house plans. One day I still hope to design and build my own home.

In 2016, at the peak of my career, my life was turned upside down with the death of my Mum - She was only 63. Her cancer spread quickly, giving us no time to prepare or realise what was happening. The devastation of this event changed my life forever. I needed a break from the stress and responsibility of my career. I needed to reflect on what steps to take next. I therefore made the difficult discussion to leave my well-paid job to take time out.

I wanted to use the Marketing and Design skills I had learned. I needed to find the elusive work/life balance. I therefore founded Purple Pug. Purple Pug would allow me to spend my days designing. Purple Pug would advance my Marketing and Web skills. Purple Pug would give me the flexible hours I desperately needed.

Why the name ‘Purple Pug’? I have always loved dogs, especially Pugs. Growing up we had cats. I loved our Cats but deep down I wanted a dog. After losing my Mum, I realised life was too short, so at the end of 2016 I met Seb. Seb is my gorgeous little boy. He is such a character. He is stubborn. He is lazy. He is greedy. He is stupid. Just like his dad really! So, I finally had my Pug. In 2018 when thinking of a name for my new business I simply put together my favourite colour with my favourite breed of dog.

Creating your own business, especially on your own, is daunting – but exciting! I hope one day Purple Pug becomes a well-known brand loved by many. Well known for being a provider of quality ‘no fuss’ Greeting Cards and Gifts. Well known for being a friendly business which never forgets its beginnings and looks after its colleagues.  

Enjoy Purple Pug and what we create,


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We are continually designing and creating to ensure our range of cards and gifts are fresh, modern and relevant. So keep checking back and sign up for regular updates




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